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Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin believes that waging war against China should always be an option for the Philippines in defending its boundaries in the West Philippine Sea despite President Rodrigo Duterte’s fears that it would lead to a massacre of Filipinos.

“I certainly don’t like the notion that war is off the table,” said Locsin in an interview with ANC’s Karen Davila.

When asked how the Philippines could go toe-to-toe with China with its vastly superior military force as declared by Duterte, Locsin said: “You see that is the problem, that is how Duterte looks, we will get hurt and we cannot hurt back and it’s true, that is how you look at it.”

“But my position is and I said this in (former President) Noynoy’s (Aquino) time: why don’t we put everybody who is hot on this claim ride on a boat and go straight to the Chinese lines with President Noynoy at the helm and I was willing to join a cook. Let us see if they will blow us up n the water,” said Locsin.

Locsin praised the move of a similarly-situated Vietnam, which is also locked in a dispute with China’s encroachment on its sea territory, to take in Russia as an ally to counter China’s aggression.

“The Vietnamese came in with the Russians. Smart,” said Locsin referring to the 2104 China-Vietnam oil rig crisis where the state-owned China National Offshore Oil Corp. forced to dismantle its oil platform in the disputed Paracel Islands in South China Sea, “ I don’t know why we don’t do it with the Russians. China tried to pushed out them (Vietnam) out and they are still pushing back but that is because they have Russia.”

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