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Locsin scoffs at self-styled ‘thought leaders’: Charlatans, baduy, low breeding

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Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin has a very low regard of political personalities who go out of their way to promote themselves as “thought leaders.”

In a tweet, Locsin praised Business Mirror columnist John Mangun for his “crystal and brilliant” unmasking of self-proclaimed thought leaders who have nothing but negative things to say against the government.

Locsin declined to call Mangun a thought leader – described as the most successful individuals or firms in their respective fields – because he believed this has been made a pejorative term by self-promoters.

“You’re not ‘a’, you are the ‘only’ one thinking. The rest are
charlatans. To relish being called a “thought leader” is baduy. It
shows low-breeding,” said Locsin.

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