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Locsin takes swipe at Heydarian: ‘Sore losers’ incapable of truth

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Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro “Teddyboy” Locsin Jr. has taken a potshot at political analyst Richard Heydarian for belittling President Rodrigo Duterte’s grasp of foreign affairs.

Locsin told his Twitter followers Monday (July 8) that they shouldn’t get the truth from “sore losers.”

He tweeted the comment in response to a netizen, @marortoll, who said the Philippines always lags behind because people aspire to put one over the other.

“Believe the truth. Listen to Freddie Mercury’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Listen to the truth wheresover or from whomsoever it comes, the truth and nothing but the truth. But don’t get it from sore losers; they’re incapable of it,” Locsin said.

Netizen @marortoll criticized Heydarian for asking netizens who they would rather believe on the issue of the West Philippine Sea: Duterte or Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio.

“Who to believe? A bar top notcher jurist or a pasang awa mayor?” Heydarian asked in connection to the news item about Carpio saying the country’s exclusive economic zone is not “thoughtless and senseless.”

Duterte has downplayed the Constitution’s provision on the EEZ, saying China can fish in Philippine waters that are supposedly only for Filipinos’ enjoyment.

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