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Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. is keeping a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of getting the coronavirus illness.

In a latest post on Twitter, Locsin revealed that he recently tested negative in two coronavirus tests. The former Makati lawmaker said he wanted to be safe than infectious to others.

“I am still Negative in Covid tests, had two in two days just to make sure. My nose and throat are sore already but better safe than infectious and harm other people,” he tweeted on Sept. 27.

The 71-year-old Cabinet member also goes on a walking workout everyday for some cardio exercise. He said he walks six kilometers a day to avoid the coronavirus, admitting that paranoia has somehow started to creep in.

“I walked 6 km minimum a day in the blazing sun to kill Covid on my skin. I know; ridiculous but it is exercise. The longer the pandemic the more paranoid one gets,” he said.

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