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Locsin warns of ‘far reaching’ consequences for countries backing UN probe of drug war: PH is a worse enemy to false friends

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Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro “Teddyboy” Locsin Jr. has warned there will be “far reaching” consequences for countries which supported a resolution for the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to review the killings related to the administration’s war on drugs.

In a statement Thursday (July 11), Locsin called the resolution introduced by Iceland “politically partisan and one-sided.”

“Thus, the Philippines rejects this resolution. It cannot, in good conscience, abide by it,” he said.

Locsin maintained that the Philippine government is only doing its duty to enforce the law by going after suspected drug peddlers and users.

“The Philippines renews its solemn responsibility to protect the law-abiding against the lawless by any means efficient to achieve the defining purpose for the existence and expense of a state. To that responsibility, my President has made an iron, unwavering and total commitment; and it will not be weakened by this ill-fated resolution,” he said.

Locsin said the “changing realities” have made him tweak the Philippines’ foreign policy thrust as: “Friend to friends, enemy to enemies, and a worse enemy to false friends.”

“We renew our solidarity with our true friends who have stood by us in this farce. But we will not tolerate any form of disrespect or acts of bad faith. There will be consequences; far-reaching ones,” he said.

The resolution, introduced by Iceland, called on UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet to write a comprehensive report on the human rights situation in the Philippines and present it to the council.

It was adopted by 18 countries out of the 47-member forum in Geneva. Fourteen countries, including China, opposed the resolution while 15 abstained.

Locsin slammed the Western countries which supported the resolution, saying they were misled by false information.

“Do not presume to threaten states with accountability for a tough approach to crushing crime, at which some of your countries are complicit at worst and tolerant at best. You don’t have the wherewithal, so all you can do is insult,” he said.

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