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Locsin warns vs taho backlash: Xenophobia can get OFWs in China in trouble

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Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. has apparently taken into consideration the welfare of the Filipinos living in China when he did not press for the deportation of a Chinese woman who threw taho at a policeman.

Amid the outrage voiced by some groups against the Chinese student’s behavior, Locsin talked about the impact of xenophobia on Filipinos abroad.

He also threw a major shade at Vice President Leni Robredo who claimed the foreigner’s action was an insult to the nation.

“Wish I could but I take the larger responsible view that includes our people in China where a little outburst of reactive xenophobia could get them in deep trouble not to mention torn to pieces by the mob. But it’s okay. She has her job—talking; I have mine—saving,” he tweeted, when a netizen claimed he should be like Robredo.

Locsin earlier frowned on the proposed deportation of the taho-flinging foreigner, saying she should instead be charged for her action. He said the Chinese woman was “flinging taho, not encroaching in our national territory.”

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