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Lodi si Rizal! Duterte: Death by firing squad a ‘distinct honor’

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President Rodrigo Duterte is willing to be shot by a firing squad if ever the International Criminal Court finds him guilty of committing crimes against humanity.

In a speech in Davao City Friday (February 9), Duterte noted that Jose Rizal also died by a firing squad.

“I would be very happy to face them. It would be a distinct honor for me because our foremost hero, you must have seen the Luneta Park, Mr. Rizal. He’s our greatest hero. He was shot by the Spaniards on that spot,” he said.

Duterte said that while he could not measure up to the Filipino hero, he would at least like to die in a way similar to Rizal.

“And I would be happy to — before the last, before they pull of the trigger, I would say, ‘F*** you guys,'” he said.

The ICC recently announced it would open a preliminary investigation on the allegation by Filipino abogado Jude Sabio that Duterte committed crimes against humanity because of his bloody war on drugs.

Malacañang has expressed confidence that the probe will not go beyond the preliminary stage.