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Lola Leonor gets a lecture: Teachers’ group bares more schools with CR-turned-faculty rooms

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A teachers’ group has disputed Education Secretary Leonor Briones’ claim that teachers of a public school in Cavite used by choice the comfort room on campus as their faculty room.

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) shared Thursday (June 6) photos of public schools where the comfort rooms have been converted into classrooms.

These include Maligaya High School, Sergio Osmeña High School, Bagong Silangan High School and Quirino High School in Quezon City, as well as Villamor High School and Calderon Elementary School in Manila.

ACT chairperson Joselyn Martinez said teachers in the aforementioned schools have chipped in to remodel the comfort rooms so they can have their own space to do tasks outside of teaching.

“Nowhere in any government agency will you see that employees take out from their pockets what is needed to repair government facilities,” she said in a statement.

Just before classes opened on June 3, a teacher’s photo of a comfort room being used as the faculty room at Bacoor National High School (BNHS) Molino Main went viral.

Brioned dismissed the teacher’s exposé as a “dramatic” gimmick.

“They had their choice. They could hold office in the laboratory rooms but of course, it is more dramatic, it’s more touching if you hold it in the toilets… So choice ‘yun ng mga teachers,” she said.

Martinez said teachers are dismayed by Briones’ response.

“Sec. Briones’ tirade against teachers prove that DepEd does not intend to give teachers any dignity. First, they neglect us in schools by not providing us a proper office, then they oppose our just call for better pay,” she said.

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