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Lola Loren? Karen Davila thinks Legarda’s raring to retire


Broadcast journalist Karen Davila must have thought Senator Loren Legarda will already be too old to become a force to reckon with in politics when she bows out of the legislature in 2019.

On her “Headstart” show on ANC Thursday (Oct. 1), Davila asked Legarda if she will be in “retirement mode” four years from now.

In response, the 55-year-old senator appeared to be incredulous at the thought of slowing down because she will not even be 60 years old at that time.

“I still have so much to give and I want to see the full implementation of my laws. While I considered retirement, I will not even be a senior citizen by then,” Legarda said.

Failing to take the cue from the senator’s statement, Davila quipped she must be “relieved” at the thought of ending her term as a lawmaker in 2019.

As if to prove she hasn’t lost her marbles due to age, Legarda stressed how busy she is at the moment  handling one of the most important committees in the Senate— the committee on finance.

“Never in my life I had been as productive as now because there is no politics hanging on my head. All my energy and passion, resources, and time is focused on the work that I do as chairman of the committee of finance I took over from Sen. Chiz (Francis Escudero), so we are able to look at the budget and I want to make this a sustainable and resilient [spending plan],” she said.

After Legarda spoke, Davila appeared to have gotten the message that the senator is far from being in a retirement mode and ended the interview.

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