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LOOK: Duterte lands on French newspaper’s front page with the headline: ‘Le président serial killer’


President Rodrigo Duterte has landed on the front page of a French newspaper as the administration’s war against drugs continues to gain international attention.

Libération’s October 7 issue featured a tight shot of Duterte’s face facing left with the headline: “Rodrigo Duterte Le président serial killer.”

The cover story, written by the paper’s “special envoy in Manila and Davao,” attempts to explain the reasons for Duterte’s immense popularity not just in Davao but also nationwide.

The President’s wide support base, the story posits, is what has allowed him to carry on the war against drugs with minimal opposition from the masses.

Last September, Time magazine also featured Duterte on the front page of its Asian edition with the headline, “The Punisher.”
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