Look who’s talking: Jinggoy says Edong guilty of misusing ‘pork,’ too
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Look who’s talking: Jinggoy says Edong guilty of misusing ‘pork,’ too

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Senator Jinggoy Estrada has accused former Senate President Edgardo Angara of channeling his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) to dubious non-government organizations after the latter made a rather unfavorable quote about the former in his book.

In a statement, Estrada clarified he’s not insinuating that Angara diverted his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) allocation to his own NGOs but recalled that a special audit by the Commission on Audit found that the former senator had channeled his pork barrel funds to questionable NGOs.

“That statement was an indirect reference to how ‘reckless’ (to use his own term) Sen. Angara has been with his PDAF,” Estrada said, referring to his earlier statement that Angara should look into his own foundation to which he supposedly channeled his PDAF, according to COA.

“But lucky for him, he is allied with the current administration. Despite the glaring audit findings against him, he was not even investigated for any wrongdoing and even immediately cleared of any liability,” the senator quipped about Angara.

Estrada shot back at Angara after learning that the latter described him as “reckless and unfair” in his biography, “In the Grand Manner,” for claiming he received a P50 million incentive as a reward to impeach former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Estrada is currently under detention for plunder and graft charges stemming from his alleged misuse of his own PDAF.

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