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Look who’s talking! Netizens revive Pepsi Paloma scandal after Tito Sotto says man won’t be woman

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Netizens hit Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III for his supposed hypocrisy after he described the Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) Equality bill as a measure against women’s rights.

Several Twitter users brought up Sotto’s alleged link to the death of ’80s star Pepsi Paloma to discredit his supposed pro-women advocacy.

In an interview Wednesday (September 4), Sotto said members of the LGBTQ+ community should not demand for separate rights like women.

“Women cannot be compared to a group na ganun sapagkat I hate to say this but I have to. If you are a man, you will never be a woman, no matter what you do, because you cannot reproduce. You cannot give birth, you do not have ovaries. You will never be a woman. So this, to me, the SOGIE bill is a bill against women’s rights and it’s giving transgender rights (unclear), so it’s class legislation,” he said.

“women’s rights??? how about pepsi paloma???? pure bullshit, tito sotto. pls leave the senate asap tnx,” said netizen @DavidPCua.

“Straight men who blatantly objectify women and tolerate sexist jokes have no room to talk about the sogie bill. Especially not Sotto after what happened to Pepsi Paloma,” said Twitter user @strobrii.

“I won’t be lectured by Tito Sotto on women’s rights. Not when we know you had a rape victim kidnapped then signed an affidavit of desistance so your brother & his friends can get away with rape. You have Pepsi Paloma’s blood on your hands,” said netizen @CleveArguelles.

“Remember the song #Spolarium by Eraserheads? ?? You really have the audacity to use Women’s rights? How’s the RAPE case of Pepsi Paloma, Mister Senator Sotto???” asked Twitter user @SheisAengel.

There were reports that Paloma was raped and drugged in 1982 by Tito and Vic Sotto, Richie D’ Horsie and Joey De Leon. She committed suicide in 1985.

Sotto has dismissed reports linking him to Paloma’s death as “fake news.”

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