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Looking for love? Duterte says better to get one with a job: At least you can keep your money

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President Rodrigo Duterte has a tip for those looking for lovers: don’t go for jobless people.

Duterte gave this golden nugget while he was wooing Mayor Tita V. Baja-Gallantes of Garcia Hernandez town in Bohol in a speech in Bohol. Duterte, who called Baja-Gallantes “my love”, said that since both of them were “separated”, he asked if they could stop searching for a partner by settling for each other.

“I really surrendered (in my first marriage). ‘Di kaya. I searched for another partner. But even until now, I am still searching, ma’am. What’s the problem with that?” said Duterte in a speech. “If you look for a partner, better look for someone who has a job,” said Duterte.

“They won’t wait for your salary to arrive You don’t even know them that well. You have money. You can keep your salary and I’ll keep mine,” he added.

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