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Lorenzano declares ‘Red October’ is dead: Let’s just prepare for ‘White Christmas’


“Red October”, or the plot to oust the government, has fizzled out, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told reporters Friday.

“Lusaw na,” Lorenzana said when asked on whether “Red October”, which is reportedly scheduled to start on Oct. 15, is still an ongoing threat.

He attributed the death of the ouster plot to the public airing by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) of the destabilization movement.

The plot is supposed to coincide with the international celebration of Marxism and the Indigenous Peoples’ month, with participants allegedly coming from a grand coalition and a broad united front.

The defense chief added that the plotters have “scampered away” when the threat was made public.

“Eh nung ilabas ng AFP sila nagpulasan na, kaya hindi na matutuloy,” he added.

With the demise of the “Red October” threat, Lorenzana said what the public needed to prepare for is “White Christmas”, as the Yuletide Season is fast approaching. (PNA)