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President Rodrigo Duterte believes it’s not his fault if ever his statements get lost in translation or misunderstood by the public.

In an interview with GMA News’ Jessica Soho Thursday (Dec. 29), Duterte shared his disbelief at how the media lapped up his statement vowing not to curse anymore shortly after his trip to Japan last October.

Quoting the President, various news outlets said his vow was prompted by his fear his plane will be taken down by God. Malacañang subsequently downplayed his statement as a figure of speech.

When Soho pointed out how Duterte’s off the cuff statements sometimes become a problem for the public, he responded: “No. It’s not a problem actually. If you cannot understand me…”

“Kami ang may problema?” Soho asked.

“The entire Filipino nation, kayo ang may problema. Basta ako dito trabaho. What I promised you. Let’s stick to the fundamentals,” Duterte said.

Since Duterte assumed office, Malacañang and administration officials often had to clarify the controversial statements he makes shortly after he uttered them.