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The persons convicted of the Maguindanao massacre will likely rot in jail since they cannot avail of good conduct time grants.

Senator Richard Gordon said the convicts are disqualified from benefiting the law on good conduct time allowance.

“The GCTA Law disqualifies the convicts from availing good conduct time allowance since they were sentenced with reclusion perpetua without the benefit of parole for having committed 57 counts of murder. #maguindanaomassacreverdict,” he tweeted.

A Quezon City court earlier found some members of the Ampatuan clan and several other suspects guilty on multiple accounts of murder. They were sentenced to life in prison.

Gordon has commended quezon Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes for her steadfast service in bringing justice for the people. “Despite the pressure, she remained firm and fair and exercised her duties the best as she could,” he said.

Ten years after the massacre, he said the latest court ruling has finally put closure not only for the families of the 58 victims, but also to the Filipino people who waited long for the decision.

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