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Mag-presidente muna kayo! Gatchalian says it’s Duterte’s right to appoint Faeldon wherever he wants

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Senator Win Gatchalian on Wednesday said he would defer to the decision of President Duterte to appoint anew former Bureau of Customs (BOC) Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon in the government.

It doesn’t mean, however, that the senator agreed with the President’s decision as he made clear that he’s not impressed with Faeldon’s performance during his stint in the bureau.

When asked on Faeldon’s appointment to the Office of Civil Defense (OCD), Gatchalian said “the President should understand that this person is absolutely ineffective in the BOC and was primarily responsible for the lack of systems in deterring illegal drugs from coming through the ports of our own customs.”

“(But) I respect the decision of the President to appoint Faeldon. This is his prerogative,” the senator said in a text message to reporters.

Faeldon continues to be under detention in the Senate since Sept. 11 as he had been cited in contempt of the blue ribbon committee.

He has refused to answer questions concerning alleged corruption activities in the BOC prompting Senate probers to place him under detention as penalty to what they called as contemptuous act.