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Special envoy for public diplomacy to China Mon Tulfo is blaming Speaker Alan Cayetano for creating a lot of trouble in Batasan just to stay in power longer.

Tulfo thinks Cayetano is just making up rumors of a coup plot to oust him as Speaker to avoid handing over the Speakership to Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco after 15 months in power or by October this year.

“The new trouble in the House of Representatives will dissipate if Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano will be man enough to honor the term-sharing agreement with Rep. Lord Allan Velasco,” said Tulfo in Manila Times.

“Cayetano said the issue of term sharing has become divisive. Precisely, because he’s not been true to his word! The term-sharing agreement between Cayetano and Velasco was brokered by no less than President Digong,” he added.

Tulfo reckoned that Cayetano’s efforts to stay on as Speaker at all costs, including not manning up to his word of honor, showed the true character of the power-hungry politiko.

“How can you respect an institution whose leaders don’t honor their word?” Tulfo said.

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