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Mahirap ang buhay! Miguel Lizada explains why Pinoys prefer Vice Ganda starrers over art films


Pinoys who like to watch movies starring Vice Ganda are not necessarily of “mababaw” or shallow taste, Ateneo de Manila University English professor Miguel Lizada said.

In a Facebook post, Lizada said Vice’s films– as well as similar movies– “provide brief escapism from the harsh realities of life.”

“You must also consider the systemic, and structural burdens of the everyday enabled by class inequality to understand why this need for escapism even exists,” he said.

Lizada, a writer, said Filipinos may not appreciate Nick Joaquin’s “reimagination of colonial Manila” when city life’s realities include a dysfunctional transport system, high crime rate, and questionable labor practices.

The professor, however, clarified he is not defending Vice for appearing in subpar films.

“[O]ne can also talk about the illusion of escapism and how the ideologies in the film themselves benefit the ruling class. As in the case of many of our commercial films,” he said.

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