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Makabayan bloc wants Sinas sacked: ‘He’s no stranger to breaking the law’

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The Makabayan bloc on Monday called for the sacking of Metro Manila police chief Debold Sinas after charges were filed against him for violating quarantine rules when he had a gathering for his birthday on May 8.

“For NCRPO Chief Sinas to celebrate his birthday in blatant violation of numerous government-prescribed rules meant to protect public health, while he and his personnel harshly enforce the same on millions of citizens, particularly the poor, is a gross and unacceptable offense,” the group said in a statement.

The group said Sinas “is no stranger to breaking the law.”

“In fact, his 17-month stint as the Central Visayas police chief saw at least 324 extrajudicial killings, with 133 killed in police operations in Cebu alone,” they said.

“He was also the chief implementer of Oplan Sauron, which resulted in the massacre of at least 20 peasants in Negros. During his first month as NCRPO chief, Sinas ordered a series of raids on the offices of people’s organizations and arrested 5 in Manila,” the Makabayan said.

“With his bloody record and knack for bending the rules, Sinas ultimately lost his credibility to enforce quarantine rules. He and his fellow police officers who are supposedly enforcing the law should be held accountable to the same set of rules being forced down the throats of poor Filipinos,” they added.

“We challenge the Duterte administration: kick out Sinas, prove that there are no ‘double standards’ in enforcing quarantine protocols,” they said.

The Makabayan bloc coalition in Congress is composed of Bayan Muna party-list Representatives Carlos Zarate, Ferdinand Gaite, and Eufemia Cullamat, ACT Teachers party-list Rep. France Castro, Gabriela party-list Rep. Arlene Brosas, and Kabataan party-list Rep. Sarah Elago.

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