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Malaya Editorial: Pres. Aquino should tell the people directly


Editorial: Only President Aquino can put a stop to all the talk about a second term. He should tell the people directly that he is categorically, unequivocally, not going to violate the Constitution that grants only one term of six years to a president. Malaya

Editorial: Otherwise, his “bosses” will start thinking that he is really interested to stay beyond June 2016. Already, some are saying he does want a term extension because of the expected lawsuits that may hound him after he steps down as president. Malaya

Editorial: What he should do is to remove this “fatal” distraction (term extension) to enable him to concentrate on all the things he has to attend to from now on. What happens after June 2016, nobody knows. But one thing is for sure – he is different from his two predecessors. He is not likely to suffer the same fate they did. Maybe. Malaya

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