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Manila Standard Today Editorial: The Ombudsman cannot prosecute the ghosts


MST Editorial: A government investigator showed careful attention to details in tracing missing pork barrel funds of Sen. Jinggoy Estrada. He said he had reached a dead end. MST 

MST Editorial: The money trail of millions of pesos spent for livelihood projects led nowhere—his most promising information led to a dead man and to a one-year-old baby. They cannot confirm or deny they received the money. MST 

MST Editorial: The Ombudsman cannot prosecute the ghosts. But it could grab and send to jail the people working with the ghosts. MST 

MST Editorial: Lawyers of Estrada could get the senator off the hook if they can prove that ghosts are a figment of the imagination. If they cannot do that, then they will have to prove that the ghosts received livelihood funds. MST

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