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Manny Piñol apologizes to Duterte after absence in Isabela

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Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol has denied a newspaper report that he was scolded by President Duterte when he skipped a visit to typhoon-hit Isabela last week.

Piñol nonetheless apologized to the President for his absence, saying he had to visit his departed loved ones last November 1.

He explained though he properly informed the Palace protocol office about his absence, and sent an official to represent him in the Isabela visit.

“I take the blame and apologize if the Office of the Presidential Protocol failed to inform him of my request that I be represented by another official in that trip. Director Edillo, who represented me in the briefing said, the President looked for me but there was no ‘scolding’ as the Philippine Star reported,” he said in a Facebook post.

“Allow me to publicly apologize to the President for my absence in Isabela,” he added.