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Maraming makikitang butas! Duterte says gov’t will be in jeopardy if cops, soldiers don’t shut up in UN human rights probe


President Rodrigo Duterte wants policemen and soldiers to be uncooperative in any probe by the United Nations regarding human rights because they would likely end up saying different things to the investigators.

In a speech before troops in Zamboanga City Saturday (March 10), Duterte said he has a legal reason for telling cops to shut up in UN’s investigation.

“That is provided for in the Constitution itself. Our Constitution… Alam mo, sabi nila they are investigating us. Por Dios, kayong mga ugok, if you are investigating us, the rule sa criminal law is any statement or answer that you may give might incriminate you,” he said.

“Eh ‘pag nabitawan mo ‘yang magtanong-tanong sila, free willing ka mag-ano, eh recorded, eh ikaw mismo, ‘pag tinawag ka na doon, you are bound by your anong pinagdadaldal mo,” Duterte added.

The President said it would be best for the police and military to stay silent and let him respond to any questions from the UN.

“Sabihin mo lang, ‘May Commander-in-Chief man.’ ‘Di ba sinabi ko na sa inyo? I take full responsibility,” he said.

Duterte said the government will be put in jeopardy if the investigators get different answers from the police, military and public officials.

“Hindi ibig sabihin nagpapasikat ako. Kasi kung isang Commander magsalita siya, magsalita siya, magsalita siya, magsalita kayo, there will never be a uniformity in the answer. P***** i**. Marami talagang butas makikita ‘yan because we are not situated in the same situation or similarly situated at one time,” he said.

“It’s gonna be convoluted. Saksak-sinagol, parang halo-halo. Then that places us in jeopardy. Maraming butas makita eh,” he added.

In a speech last week, Duterte told cops and policemen not to cooperate with any human rights probe by the UN, saying the investigators should not interfere in national affairs.

His remarks came after the government expressed willingness to accept a visit from a UN Special Rapporteur, as long as it is not Agnes Callamard.

Human rights advocates have accused Duterte of ordering the killing of thousands of drug suspects in the course of his bloody war on drugs.

Duterte, however, said death is inevitable for drug suspects, especially those who resist arrest.

“What I’m saying is to destroy. There’s gonna be a fight. And if somebody dies, eh hiningi nila eh. Sinabi ko na. P***** i** huminto kayo,” he said.