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Many convicted Filipinos have also been given pardons by President Rodrigo Duterte, assured Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on Wednesday (Sept. 9).

“So many of our fellow Filipinos have received the benefit of the President’s executive clemency in the form of pardons, commutation of sentences, etc.,” he said during an interview on ANC.

“As a matter of fact konti lang ang foreigners,” Guevarra pointed out amid criticisms over the President’s decision to grant absolute pardon to United States Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton.

Since Duterte became president, Guevarra said there have been 139 executive pardons granted.

“Of this 139 executive pardons granted by the President, 135 were given to Filipinos and only four were given to foreigners,” the secretary said.

“Doon sa four na binigay sa foreigners, yung dalawa doon by exchange agreement pa, prisoner swap with the United Arab Emirates,” he noted.

Guevarra said the pardons granted by Duterte is “a lot more than the total number of pardons given during the previous administration.”

“Mas maluwag si Presidente sa pagbibigay ng pardons,” he declared.

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