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Marcoleta blames mature-rated video games for bad vices of teens

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House Deputy Speaker Rodante Marcoleta has blamed the rise of character-based video games in the growing number of young adults engaged in unprotected sex.

Marcoleta cited the recent study conducted by the New Hampshire-based Dartmouth College, wherein teenagers who play risk-glorifying, character-based video games which rated for mature audience “are more likely to act aggressively, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and have unprotected sex.”

“The study suggests that game players may develop values consistent with their deviant game characters and are more likely to act in a host of dangerous ways, not just in the specific ways enacted in the games,” said Marcoleta.

Marcoleta recently filed House Resolution No. 342, urging the Committee on Welfare of Children to conduct an inquiry on the adverse effects of character-based video games on Filipino teens.

Marcoleta stressed that “no one under 18-years old should have access to mature-rated games as they were associated with changes in a wide rang of high-risk behaviors.”

He said Congress should prescribe counter-measures “in order to curb, if not discourage youngster from engaging in such charaters-based video games.”

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