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Marcos lawyer wants immunity for Marcoses in exchange for surrender of wealth


By: Xave Gregorio

The lawyer of former President Ferdinand Marcos has submitted a proposal to the government for a compromise agreement with the Marcos family for the turnover of their wealth in exchange for immunity from suits related to their supposedly ill-gotten wealth.

In a letter dated September 19, 2017 to Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, Marcos lawyer Oliver Lozano proposed three possible modes of the deal between the government and the Marcos family for the turnover of their wealth “to promptly give unifying Social Justice for All through Massive Economic Development and World-Class Rehabilitation.”

Among these is a proposed law which grants the Marcos family from suit “with respect to their sequestered assets.”

Another way the compromise could be executed is through a contract between the government, represented by Aguirre, and the Marcos family, represented by Ilocos Norte 2nd District Rep. Imelda Marcos.

However, this mode of the deal between the Marcoses will not grant them immunity.

The third mode of compromise with the Marcoses is through the government’s “Acceptance of Donation from the Marcos Family,” based on a handwritten legacy of former President Marcos “bequeathing his earthly goods to the Marcos Foundation for the benefit of the people.”

This is not the first time Lozano had proposed to the government a deal with the Marcoses regarding their wealth.

“Since Cory Aquino ko pa isinusulong! Lahat ng presidente minumumgkahi ko pero panay negative, ngayon hopeful ako kay Duterte kasi magkaibigan ang Duterte-Marcos,” Lozano told Politiko in a phone interview.

He claims that a compromise agreement with the Marcoses, which would lead to the government use of Marcos wealth, is the “only viable option” to alleviate poverty and hunger in the country.

“Naniniwala ako kasi na ang hope for a better life in 2018 depends on the use of the Marcos wealth. Without the Marcos wealth, ano, vicious cycle of hunger and corruption, criminality and drugs,” Lozano said.

Duterte said in August 2017 that the Marcoses told him that they were ready to return their allegedly ill-gotten wealth, which supposedly includes a few gold bars.

Marcos’ two-decade rule beginning 1965 allowed him to illegally amass around $5 to $10 million dollars from government funds, stashing them in local and foreign accounts, or were hidden through dummy foundations and cronies.

A large chunk of the ill-gotten wealth was sequestered through the Presidential Commission on Good Government created by President Cory Aquino in 1986, soon after Marcos’ ouster through the People Power Revolution.

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