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Mareng Winnie convinced Duterte not as dumb as Trump: Donald prefers pics over words just like Erap

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Former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Solita “Mareng Winnie” Monsod has finally realized who was worse between President Rodrigo Duterte and United States President Donald Trump.

In her trip to the US, Monsod said it finally dawned on her that Duterte was “more intellectually gifted” than Trump after getting an except on an upcoming Trump – “A Warning” by “Anonymous”, a senior Trump administration official – while watching MSNBC’s ” Rachel Maddow Show.”

“Trump was described as inattentive, impulsive. Well, Mr. Duterte can also be described as impulsive, but I have never heard him described as inattentive,” said Monsod in her Inquirer column.

“But what tipped the scales in favor of Mr. Duterte was a description of what had to be done in order to catch Trump’s attention when he was briefed: He preferred PowerPoint slides (pictures to words). The briefing paper, even if on the most weighty and complicated matter, should not exceed one page (preferably one paragraph), and had to have at most three points—later reduced to one. A really short attention span,” she added.

Monso said this showed Trump “lacks the intelligence to analyze and weigh issues.”

“President Erap (Joseph Estrada) was rumored to be that way, too. But Mr. Duterte has never been accused of that,” said Monsod. “(But) maybe I have concluded that Trump is less intelligent than Mr. Duterte because I have less solid info about the latter.”

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