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Mareng Winnie on Binay’s Lee Kuan Yew comparison: Shameless, tasteless


We all know former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary ‎Solita “Mareng Winnie” Monsod does not mince words when she feels strongly about an issue.

But when she heard Vice President Jejomr Binay claim his reign as Makati Mayor was inspired  by the recently departed former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, she took out the biggest guns in her armory.
A few hours after hearing of Lee’s death, Binay fired off this statement: “His (Lee) political will and pragmatic approach to governance was my inspiration in rebuilding Makati after the 1986 Edsa Revolution from a bankrupt municipality to the country’s premier city providing unparalleled social services to its constituents.”


In her Inquirer column, Monsod said: “Now that has to be the most tasteless, and shameless, use of an iconic public figure’s death for one’s own political ends, in the hope that the glitter from Mr. Lee’s stature will rub off on him.”

Monsod cited three things in Binay’s claim which should be shot to smithereens:

1) Lee fought against corruption, Binay’s career has been festooned with corruption and charges of corruption

2) ‎Lee’s son, Lee Hsien Loong, took over as Prime Minister in 2004 or 14 years after Lee stepped down. In between. Goh Chok Tong ruled the tiny but rich island. Binay has controlled Makati since 1986 with his wife and son.

3) Singapore which was a backwater state when ‎Lee took over, Makati City was already the Philippines main financial district. “To say that Mr. Binay built up Makati to become the Philippines’ premier city is a stretch,” said Monsod.

She summed up it with this parting volley: “Lee Kuan Yew made Singapore immensely rich, while Makati made Mr. Binay immensely rich. That’s the difference.”‎

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