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Mareng Winnie taunts Duterte: Ikaw ang ‘colossal blunder’, hindi si VP

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Former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary “Mareng Winnie” Monsod thinks President Rodrigo Duterte is the loser for putting down Vice President Leni Robredo’s reporting on his failed drug war.

“No, Mr. President. Robredo is not a colossal blunder. It is you who made the colossal blunder of appointing her cochair of one of your most important projects, which you yourself had already admitted failing at,” said Monsod in her Inquirer column.

“Why your colossal blunder? Simply put, you gave her the opportunity to show her mettle to the Filipino people—her executive ability, her ability to break a complex problem into simple pieces and come up with bite-size solutions. You tried to stop it, but it was too late, even if it were only 18 days,” she added.

Monsod described Robredo’s report as “comprehensive, incisive report as cochair of the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs (Icad)” which she said “disproves any lingering notions that she is an empty-headed housewife who rode on her dead husband’s coattails to political victory.”

Duterte was quick disparage Robredo after she declared his drug war a failure.

“For all of these years, she has done nothing. She’s a colossal blunder…She has been there how many days, 17? Eighteen days. I hate to say this but how many voters are there in the Philippines and just do away with the 200,000 plus that she got over Marcos — it was really a mistake. With a slim margin and you talk this big,” Duterte said.

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