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Mas madaling kausap? Guevarra’s advice to Koko: Ask BI to bar Angkas exec than declare her ‘persona non grata’

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Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel could seek before the Bureau of Immigration (BI) the barring of Angkas chief executive officer Angeline Ziwen Tham from entering the Philippines.

Guevarra pointed this out after Pimentel filed a resolution asking the Senate to declare as persona non grata the Singaporean executive of the motorcycle-hailing firm for violating the ownership law and “bullying” the Philippine government.

“There must be a formal declaration (persona non grata) first by the President or the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs),” he explained.

“But under our immigration laws, any alien may be barred entry by the BI for reasons other than being declared persona non grata,” he added.

The Secretary noted that “a legislative resolution, in general, merely expresses a sentiment and is usually intended to influence executive action.”

“Although sen pimentel’s proposed resolution is non-binding, the executive dept will give it the utmost respect and consideration due to a co-equal branch of government,” he assured.

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