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Matalo sana si JV! Jinggoy doesn’t want half brother to win as senator

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Former senator Jinggoy Estrada might have caused a buzz by raising the hand of his half brother, Senator JV Ejercito, at the launch of Hugpong ng Pagbabago’s senatorial slate this week, but it doesn’t mean they’re already on good terms.

Jinggoy, in fact, doesn’t want JV to win.

The former senator made it clear that he wants only one Estrada to win the senatorial race in an interview with Philippine Star entertainment editor Ricky Lo, which was published Wednesday (February 13).

Asked what his wish was for his 56th birthday on February 17, Jinggoy said: “That all three of us will win.”

By “three of us,” the former senator meant him, his father, re-electionist Manila mayor Joseph Estrada, and daughter Janella, who is running for mayor of San Juan City.

Pressed by Lo whether Jinggoy only wanted three Estradas to win the elections, the former senator said: “Yes, the three of us.”

Another half-sibling of Jinggoy, Jerika, is running for councilor in Manila’s fourth district.

JV left the Estradas’ party, Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino, over his feud with Jinggoy. He will be running for re-election under the Nationalist People’s Coalition.

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