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Matobato should get a good lawyer after admitting to killing 50 people


Fr. Ranhilio Aquino, dean of San Beda Graduate School of Law, is worried that self-confessed Davao Death Squad hitman Edgar Matobato has put himself in a deep hole after giving explosive testimony against President Rdorigo Duterte and his children at the Senate hearing on extra judicial killings yesterday.

In an interview with DZMM’s Ted Failon, Aquino said that in trying to pin down Duterte for the trail of dead bodies in Davao City during his reign as mayor, Matobato has also implicated himself by confessing himself as the triggerman or a participant in these murders.

“He was making so many admissions (in the hearing), he admitted killing 50 people and this could be taken against him because he was never granted immunity. He should he should have been counseled that his statement could be admissible against him,” said Aquino.

Matobato said he only reached Grade 1 during the hearing.

He was admitted into the government witness protection program in 2014 but left when then Justice Secretary Leila de Lima ran for the Senate.

“Somebody should advise him that he already went out of the WPP. What protection does he have now?” asked Aquino.

But Senate President Koko Pimentel has denied pleas for the Senate to give Matobato protective custody just hours after his testimony.
Aquino said “every step should be taken” to protect the evidence which could corroborate his testimony.

But Aquino said that if Matobato was well aware that he was incriminating himself, then “this would count strongly in the veracity of his statement.”

Although he agreed with Sen.Ping Lacson’s assessment that there were inconsistencies in Matobato’s testimony, Aquino said it has yet to be proven whether there was a contradiction in the material points of his account.

Aquino gave some weight to the details made by Matobato on the manner of execution and dumping the bodies – from shooting the victims at gun point to gutting their bodies and placing hollow blocks in their stomachs to keep them under water. He said these were details that only a participant could reveal.