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Matthew Manotoc inspired by lolo Marcos: An extraordinary leader, a man who envisioned greatness for his people

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Ilocos Norte Governor Matthew Joseph Manotoc is drawing inspiration from his grandfather the late President Ferdinand Marcos as a leader and a family man.

Manotoc paid tribute to his lolo on his birth anniversary of September 11 through a message on Facebook. His tribute post included his photo beside a snap of the former leader doing a similar “V” sign.

The young politiko called Marcos an “extraordinary leader” and a man who envisioned greatness for the nation. Manotoc is one of the three sons of Senator Imee Marcos.

“An extraordinary leader who, despite the odds, had never forgotten his responsibilities as a father and a grandfather,” the camp of Manotoc said in a Facebook post.

“Truly, he is an example of a man who envisions greatness for his family and for his people—an inspiration to everyone. Happy Birthday, Apo Ferdinand Marcos,” the post read.

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