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May dinadamdam? Duterte undergoes colonoscopy, endoscopy


As rumors about his health continue to swirl, President Rodrigo Duterte revealed on Friday (September 21) revealed that he recently underwent colonoscopy and endoscopy.

In a speech before gastroenterologists in Cebu, Duterte said he had the procedures done last week.

“I had mine colonoscopy and endoscopy about a week ago. Joey, did the procedure,” he said.

An endoscopy involves inserting a camera inside the body to look at the internal organs. A colonoscopy, meanwhile, is a procedure in which a fiber optic instrument is inserted through the anus to examine the colon.

Duterte said his doctor advised him to stop drinking because he suffers from Barrett’s esophagus.

“He said, ‘if you’ll just stop drinking, you will live,'” the President said, quoting his physician.

The Mayo Clinic defines Barretts’s esophagus as involving the replacement of the esophagus’ tissue by tissues similar to the intestinal lining.