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May hugot? Duterte jokingly quotes Trump as saying, ‘You’re doing fine job killing people’


President Rodrigo Duterte made a dark joke Tuesday when he tweaked United States President Donald Trump’s compliment about him to include the word, “killing.”

In a speech before Israeli businessmen in Jerusalem, Duterte recalled his conversation with Trump when the American President was in the Philippines last year for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit.

“So he comes to my country, he goes public and says, ‘Oh Rodrigo, you are my man here. I like what you are doing. You’re doing a fine job. Kkkkrkkk, killing people,” he said.

Duterte, however, quickly clarified he was just kidding.

“No, he never said it. He just said that, ‘you’re doing fine.’ And he said, ‘I might follow you,'” he said.

Duterte recently said he prefers Trump to former US President Barack Obama because the incumbent Chief Executive is “warmer.”