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May kakampi dahil api! De Lima welcomes US ban on jailers

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One way or another, justice will catch up with those who choose to “do injustice” to others.

Senator Leila de Lima stressed this on Monday following the United States government’s move to bar the entry of Philippine officials involved in her alleged illegal detention.

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De Lima was detained in February 2017 at the Philippine National Police (PNP) Custodial Center on drug charges. She denied that allegation and described it as a political harassment.

“This latest development signals the fact that impunity cannot last. This also signifies a solid recognition by the US government that I am a clear victim of political persecution,” De Lima said in a statement.

“My gratitude to the US Congress is overwhelming for including in the final and approved Appropriations Bill for Fiscal Year 2020, now signed into law by the US President, the provision restricting the travel to the US of those responsible for and party to my persecution and imprisonment, or the Durbin/Leahy amendment,” she said.

De Lima added, “Complementary to this law which denies issuance or cancels existing US travel visas to Philippine government officials involved in my wrongful imprisonment, is proposed US Senate Foreign Relations Resolution 142.”

It called on the US President to implement the sanctions provided in the Global Magnitsky (GloMag) Human Rights Accountability Act on my persecutors and members of state security forces and other Philippine government officials responsible for human rights violations, specifically within the context of Duterte’s drug war.

“More than denying travel visas to subject Philippine officials, GloMag also imposes the freezing and forfeiture of their US assets, properties, and bank accounts,” De Lima said.

“Once this is also implemented, we will witness how the world of human rights violators in the Philippine government increasingly shrinks,” the opposition senator said.

This will teach them that human rights “is not a domestic concern, but a universal interest that affects the security of all nations, regardless of where the violations occur,” she added.

“Human rights is fighting back! Accountability is coming! A most wonderful Christmas blessing! Thank you US! Thank you, dear God!” De Lima said.

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