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May mananagot! Nograles on death of PMA cadet: We will apply the law equally

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By Prince Golez

Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles said those responsible for the death of a 20-year-old cadet of the Philippine Military Academy, will be held accountable.

This, after a Baguio police medico-legal confirmed that Cadet 4th Class Cadet Darwin Dormitorio died from hazing injuries.

Nograles pointed out that the law bans all forms of hazing.

“Alam naman natin na meron tayong anti-hazing law. Kung totoong mang nagkaroon ng hazing diyan, very clear po sa batas ang magiging parusa,” Nograles told reporters Friday.

“At tayo naman sa administrasyon ni Pangulong Duterte, kung sino ang dapat managot ay kailangan managot. Kahit sino pa man at we do not condone itong mga illegal na gawain, at mga unlawful activities, and hazing is one of the things that this administration does not condone,” he added.

Asked if Duterte will pay attention to Dormitorio’s case, Nograles said: “We will apply the law equally. The President will apply the law equally as our Chief Executive.

“Kung ano man ang magiging investigation or outcome ng investigation at kung ito ay aakyat sa korte at mapu-prosecute so it will have to go through full process of law.”

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