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May patutunguhan pa! Palace: Duterte will find use for Faeldon


Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon will likely remain in government although he will soon leave his post.

Malacañang on Tuesday (August 22) affirmed President Rodrigo Duterte’s trust in Faeldon despite his decision to name Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Director General Isidro Lapeña as the new Customs Commissioner.

“Based on his statements, he apparently– he, Mr. Faeldon, still maintains the President’s trust and I’m sure the President will find situations for him to be of use,” he said.

Asked what prompted Duterte to accept Faeldon’s resignation after three attempts, Abella said he was uncertain.

“[B]ut the fact is that he finally made a decision,” he said.

In a press conference Monday night (August 21), Duterte said hinted he will appoint Faeldon to another government post because he needs men of the former Marine captain’s “caliber.”

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