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The Department of Justice (DOJ) sympathize with political prisoner Reina Mae Nasino amid allegations of double standards in the country’s justice system, assured Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on Friday (Oct. 16).

“We sympathize with the accused for her personal loss, but her case is now before the court and the judicial process has to move on,” he said.

Nasino, an activist claiming the government has filed trumped charges of illegal possession of explosives and firearms, gave birth while in detention but the court ordered she be separated from her baby who eventually died this month.

“I was informed that our prosecutor assigned to the case did not oppose Nasino’s request for furlough,” Guevarra said.

“In fact the prosecutor agreed to a three-day furlough for humanitarian reasons,” he added.

Meanwhile, Nasino’s lawyers accused the justice system of showing double standards by granting special treatment to the privileged.

“I can’t blame them for their opinion,” Guevarra said.

The secretary said “our justice system, like all systems created by human beings, is not a perfect system.”

“Its development is a work that is continually in progress, and we all should do our part in it, by calling out those who have the power to institute reforms, by sharing progressive ideas instead of destructive criticisms, and by nurturing an attitude of concern and compassion for the oppressed and the downtrodden in our midst,” he stated.

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