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May tututok na! SC revives offices vs corruption

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The Supreme Court (SC) on Friday (July 31) announced the revival of the Judicial Integrity Board (JIB) and the Corruption Prevention and Investigation Office (CPIO) which investigate reports of corruption in the judiciary.

“It’s all systems go for the Judicial Integrity Board (JIB) and the Corruption Prevention and Investigation Office (CPIO), two offices that will further strengthen integrity and prevent corruption in the Judiciary,” the SC said in a statement.

The high tribunal explained the JIB will act on complaints against erring justices, judges, officers and employees of the judiciary.

While, the CPIO will conduct investigation on erring justices of the tertiary courts; and judges and personnel of the lower courts, including the Shari’a Courts; and the officials and employees of the Office of the Jurisconsult, Court Administrator, Deputy Court Administrator, Assistant Court Administrators and their personnel.

“The reinvigoration of JIB and CPIO fulfills part of Chief Justice Diosdado M. Peralta’s Ten Point Program, which are to implement the JIB and strengthen the Office of the Court Administrator (OCA),” the SC said.

“The Ten Point Program can be narrowed down to four core areas ― efficiency, integrity, security, and service,” it noted.

The SC noted that JIB and CPIO were created in 2018.

“However, these two separate units were put by the SC on the back burner as the Committee on the Implementation of the Judicial Integrity Board (CIJIB) called for a review of JIB’s functions in order to harmonize and prevent duplicity with those of the OCA (Office of the Court Administrator) and other offices,” it pointed out.

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