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Mayabang na, bastos pa! Gordon slams Hong Kong ban vs Morales, calls for respect in PH-China ties

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The Philippines and China must review the importance of respecting each other following the recent deportation of former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales in Hong Kong, Senator Richard Gordon said Wednesday.

Gordon took to Twitter to hit back at China for arrogantly denying the entry of Morales who was planning a vacation in Hong Kong with her family.

Morales earlier filed a complaint against Chinese President Xi Jingping before the International Criminal Court over the alleged environmental destruction of the South China Sea caused by China’s reclamation works.

“China very boorish in barring Fmr Justice & Ombudsman Conchita Carpio from entry into HongKong. It is a clear warning & an obvious shot in the bow to all filipinos who may be critical of China’s actuations in the West Philippine sea,” Gordon tweeted.

“China and our country need to reexamine & reevaluate the importance of respecting each other. An arrogant & disrespectful China & an ever conciliatory & appeasing attitude from our side will not help for a sincere & successful friendship,” he said.

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