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Mean tweets vs “idiot,” “moron” Talisay vice mayor

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A town mayor is getting flak online after questioning the chief seismologist Renato Solidum over the Taal Volcano alert warnings.

Talisay, Batangas Vice Mayor Charlie Natanauan reportedly plans to ask President Duterte to compel Phivolcs director Renato Solidum to change his “opinion” about the volcano and allow the residents return to their homes. He alleged that Solidum was not God to predict volcanic eruptions.

Several netizens took to Twitter to ridicule Natanauan for not believing seismologists about the volcanic activity while others sought his resignation for alleged incompetence.

Twitter user @GeloAlcantara3 said: “If stupidity is an illness, this Vice Mayor is in the terminal stage. May we learn and be guided from proper authority.”

“This IDIOT Vice Mayor is trying to infuse politics on a clear and present danger, he must be reprimanded and suspended by @DILGPhilippines for GROSS IGNORANCE, issuing false hope and putting the life of his constituents in mortal danger. What a total MORON! #TaalEruption2020,” @TigerbasRichard tweeted.

Netizen @AnyaJusay tweeted: “Si Talisay Vice Mayor, while I do somehow understand the difficulties of the people in the area, I cannot fully fathom the need to be so stubborn. These are times when you just have to shush, especially if you don’t work with volcanoes & the likes 24/7. Wag tayong tanga please.”

“WHAT A DUMBASS! Does Vice Mayor Charlie Natanauan even know that he is putting the lives of his constituents in danger with what he wants to do? Di naman expert sa Volcanology, nagmamarunong pa!,” @SimounIsMe said.

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