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A total of 22 parcels of land measuring 27,962.50 square meters acquired by the municipality of Pateros have yet to have Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) in their name due to lack of sufficient funds.

The land was bought prior to CY 2011 for the total amount of P55.245 million but despite full payment, the titles/tax declarations are still under the name of the previous owners as shown in the Report of Physical Count of Property. Plant and Equipment.

As part of the bargaining agreement of Municipality for the low cost of land covered by the Deed of Absolute Sale or Contract to Sell entered by both parties, the Municipality is required to pay the taxes, documentary stamps and other fees relevant to the transfer of ownership which the management claims to have no funding.

Given the circumstances, the Municipality only acquired the possession of the land and any improvements therein excluding the title which is legally important to maintain control, exclusive possession, and enjoyment of the property. Without title, the Municipality holds no proof of absolute ownership.

Preceding CY 2011, the lands are acquired through enacted resolutions by the Municipal Council for the construction of the municipal hall, office building, school, daycare. Health center, basketball court, park, roads, and relocation projects.

Mayor Miguel Ponce III advised the Municipal General Service Officer to prioritize appropriation of sufficient funding to cover payment of taxes, documentary stamp, and other relevant taxes and fees to conduct the transfer of the titles.

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