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Migz Zubiri proud of role in passing ‘Atio Castillo Law’

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“I’m proud of this baby of ours.”

Senator Migz Zubiri made the remark on Wednesday following the signing into law of the Anti-Hazing Act by President Rodrigo Duterte.

He also wants to dedicate the newly-signed Anti-Hazing Law to Horacio “Atio” Castillo 3rd, the law student who died last year due to hazing.

The amended anti-hazing law or Republic Act 11053 bans all forms of hazing.

“This is a Senate initiated-bill or law with all due respect to our colleagues in the House (of Representatives),” Zubiri said in a briefing.

He noted that the amendments to the anti hazing law is actally a Senate-initiated law because of the upper chamber”s investigation on the Castillo’s hazing case.

“I want to call this law the Atio Castillo law because it was really him that sparked the anger among everyone: parents, students and even the elderly and the clergy and basically eveybody who have children, who love their children and who have decency in their hearts,” he said.

“We are so happy that this is finally put into law. Finally, justice has been served to Atio, his family, classmates and fraternity brothers who boldly pursued the truth,” Zubiri said.

“Atio can now claim eternal rest with his death serving to cleanse the fraternity world,” he said.

He hopes that Atio’s death “will teach every aspiring frat man that violence should never be a part of their initiation rites masquerading as tests of courage, loyalty and camaraderie.”

“This law cannot bring back the son his parents lost, the brother his sister deeply misses and the popular friend he was to everyone,” Zubiri said.

“Although Atio is gone, his short life has left us a legacy in the form of a law that will make all fratmen stop senseless violence in their initiation rites,” he added.

He said the law will “strengthen unity against violence and promote peace in and out of our campuses.”