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Pampanga Rep. Juan Miguel Arroyo said on Tuesday he will be filing a bill to push for an (Information Technology (IT)-based modernization for both the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).

This, according to Arroyo, would complement the recently enacted Anti-Terrorism Act.

“For crime enforcement, we need a system that would readily provide a single, flexible collaborative environment that would assist law enforcement, defense, government agencies, and commercial private sector businesses to disrupt criminal, terrorist, and fraudulent activities,” Arroyo said.

A reliable IT system, the solon said, as it could serve as basis for a more informed decision making, by identifying when pertinent operational data is available or altered for improved reaction times.

Suspicious activity reports, 911 calls and other incoming reports of unlawful or unusual occurrences can contain useful information, but only if recognized by the system.

“There has to be a ready and on-demand access to and analysis of knowledge, information, and intelligence products for enhanced situational awareness. This, in effect, would simplify the creation of complex questions on analysis repository data with human-led visual queries,” Arroyo explained.

This also would save the government additional expenses as it would reduce training overheads by removing need to have to learn complex query languages.

For emergency responses, Arroyo said it would be best for the BFP to handle such situation but would also require an IT-based system, equipped with all pertinent data.

“It’s like in the 911 television series we used to watch wherein a caller dials 911 to report an incident and the operators can see the status of individual operating assets at a glance,” said Arroyo.

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