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Minority senators laud judge for letting Trillanes remain free: Rule of law prevails!


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The rule of law has prevailed and “will always” prevail, the Senate opposition bloc on Monday said.

Senate Minority Leader Frank Drilon as well as Senators Kiko Pangilinan and Bam Aquino stressed this on Monday after a Makati City Regional Trial Court (RTC) declined a petition to issue a warrant of arrest fellow opposition Senator Sonny Trillanes.

Makati City RTC Judge Andres Soriano dismissed the petition filed by the Department of Justice (DoJ) to arrest Trillanes and place him under a hold departure order (HDO) following the revocation of the latter’s amnesty by President Duterte.

“I am relieved by the decision of RTC Judge Andres Soriano rejecting the attempts of the administration to harass opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes,” Drilon sais.

“Soriano’s decision reinforces our belief that at the end of the day the rule of law will prevail and no amount of underhanded legal maneuvering will be rewarded by an independent judiciary,” he said.

Drilon added, “The resolution of this case will definitely help restore the perception of stability in our courts.”

“We are thankful that Judge Soriano chose to uphold the rule of law and refused to embrace tyranny,” Pangilinan said.

“As every judge ought to do if they are to be true to their oath. This is one important battle won but the war to defend the rule law continues,” he said.

Aquino said Soriano’s decision is “not only a personal victory of Sen. Trillanes, but a victoey for the rule of law in the country.”

“We laud Judge Soriano for siding with truth, and for his courage amid seemingly insurmoumtable pressure,” he said.

“In our history, the courage of one man to do the right thing can inspire others to do and be the same,” Aquino said.

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