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Miriam says cancer is stable; she is ready for campaign


Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, who is running for president next year, revealed on Wednesday that her doctors have diagnosed that her “cancer” is now “stable”, making here fit enough to run a presidential campaign next year.

Amid talks about the true state of her health, Santiago did not have qualms about telling the public that she has licked the disease after she got treatment for the past one and half-years since she learned about her Stage 4 lung cancer.

“Doctors would not say stage one or stage 2, if you are already in the recuperating stage. They will only tell you if you want to know how near death you are. So at first, they said, stage four ka, malapit ka ng mamatay, so I say, “What a challenge!”,” she said.

Speaking over DzMM’s presidential forum, Santiago revealed how she treated her cancer through a combination of taking magic pills and chemo therapy. She also got diagnosis from local and foreign experts to beat the disease.

“Now, they will say that my cancer is stable. Meaning to say pinatay nan g sari-saring paraan, pinainum ako ng gamut na pagkamahal-mahal,” she said. “They are not diagnosing me as stable,” she said, recognising that one can never be “cured” of cancer due to the possibility of recurrence.

Santiago said she is ready when asked if she can still go through a physically-tedious campaign.

“Handa akong mangampanya. Gusto na nga ng awas at foster children ko na lumabas ako dahil magulo ako sa bahay,” she added. In her bout with cancer, Santiago said she has spent at least P2-million for medicines.

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