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Miss Tapia is smarter than ‘president wannabe’ Robredo, Vivian Velez says

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Miss Tapia pa rin!

Actress Vivian Velez has unleashed a scathing rebuke of Vice President Leni Robredo over her “fake” look and branding during her recent public address.

In a Facebook post, Velez accused Robredo of trying to copy the look of Miss Tapia, a strict teacher portrayed by the late Mely Tagasa in old comedy program “Iskul Bukol.” But she said Miss Tapia still looked smarter than Robredo, who she branded as ‘wannabe’ president.

“Ang peg haha (Iskul Bukol)… Mely Tagasa aka Miss Tapia is a writer in real life, much smarter than the ‘president wanna be’ Lugaw,” Velez said in a Facebook post on August 25.

Velez also shared photos of Robredo and Miss Tapia to compare their looks. The two ladies were both wearing blouses in shades of violet with dark-rimmed glasses and ponytail.

In another post on Facebook, Velez said Robredo’s look was the “worst political branding.”

“It’s so fake. Obviously, they want to make her look smarter (kasi nga boba) with those glasses on and books on the table, not to mention the color choice of her outfit. Ano ‘to, shooting?
Playing ‘the president’ daw sya? 😂🤣📽🎬” she said.

Robredo recently appeared in a video address criticizing the Duterte government’s supposed poor leadership in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

President Duterte hit back at Robredo, telling her not to add fuel to the fire. He warned Robredo against destroying the government.


Screengrab from Facebook: Vivian Velez
Screengrab from Facebook: Vivian Velez

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