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Missing in action: Peter Lim escapes authorities


The Department of Justice is hard pressed to find businessman Peter Lim after a Makati court issued a warrant of arrest against him and one Ruel Malindagan in connection with a drug trading charge.

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on Wednesday (August 15) described finding Lim and Malindangan as a “challenge.”

“The challenge now is where to find them,” he said, adding that he has no information whether the two have left the country.

A Makati court has ordered the arrest of Lim and Malindangan after a Makati court found probable cause to hold trial for the charges of conspiracy to commit illegal drug trading filed against them.

Asked if he was confident that Lim and Malindangan would be arrested before their August 28 arraignment, Guevarra said: “Let’s wait a few more days. We’ll find out soon.”

The two alleged drug personalities’ alleged co-conspirators, self-confessed drug distributor Kerwin Espinosa and his ex-aide Marcelo Adorco, are under government custody.

Lim’s last known address is in Cebu City while Malindangan’s is in Albuera, Leyte.